The yachts are waiting for you in Stare Sady near Mikołajki!

Booking in four steps

  • Please call us at: +48 512 223 104 and we will discuss all the details together.
  • After the initial booking of the days, transfer of the advance payment and sending the confirmation (explained in the “I’m going sailing!” tab), the booking becomes final.
  • On the day of commencement of the cruise, we provide you with a boat, take a refundable deposit, the remaining amount of money to be paid for the yacht charter and a service fee. And, above all, we show all the possibilities of the boat and help you as you practice operating it.
  • On the last day of the cruise, we receive the boat from you and return the deposit. We say goodbye, but hopefully, only until the next holiday!

EKO Marina SunPort

EKO Marina SunPort

Scirocco and Solano are waiting for you at the EKO Marina SunPort, Stare Sady near Mikołajki Stare Sady 4 BK; 11-730 Mikołajki. Harbour Administration mobile phone: +48 792 663 558 It is a modern sailing harbour, located in the centre of the town on the Ryńskie Lake (there’s a possibility of collecting liquid and solid waste from the yachts). The marina is equipped with modern sanitary facilities and showers, as well as the laundry room, drying room and conference rooms. Ryn is famous for its breathtaking castle built by the Teutonic Order approx. in 1377. It features a luxury hotel with panoramic views. It’s the most convenient place to start your cruise around the Masurian Lakeland. The team is at your disposal: ul. Nowoursynowska 145F/160, 02-776 Warsaw mobile phone: +48 512 223 104 e-mail: The owner of the brand is the company AD REM MARTA SCHMUDE OLCZAK NIP 7821690067, REGON 302656190