Scirocco & Solano

Jachty Scirocco & Solano

Our six yachts, like six winds, are heading for adventures unknown. Sirocco, Solano, Samum, Sarma, Surazo and Sajkan will take you and your close people on a wonderful trip. On each yachts, in four cabins, up to eight people can have unforgettable vacation. They are Futura 40 class yacht. They perfectly meet the conditions that we set before them.

Their comfort ensures perfect vacation on the water. Consciously, we wanted to create a wonderful space that will allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Masurian lakes. They completely surrender to the person who sits at the controls.

Controlling them does not require the completion of any courses, or obtainment of licences, or motorboat skills. The thruster system allows for easy and precise maneuvering of the yacht not only at the port but also when docking in any other place.

There is no effect of inertia or delayed reaction to the motions of the thruster. When sailing on our yachts, you will always have full control over them. While sailing, a classic rudder with a blade should be used; with precision maneuvers, thrusters located at the bow and at the stern should be turned on.

We designed them to be a complete and comfortable whole. We have prepared for you four quiet, double bedrooms, a living room where up to eight people can sit at the table, fitted kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom with a shower and toilet. In addition, the stern lowers its deck comfortably into the water, and so, in a matter of seconds, completely effortless, you can immerse in the water and on your way back, you can rinse yourself with warm water in the shower.



Total length12 m
Width3.45 m
Mast height above waterline2.9 m
Immersion0.65 m
Water tank400 l
Septic tank200 l
Fuel tank200 l
Design categoryB

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