Motor yachts: Yacht charter without a patent – Masuria

Scirocco i Solano, Motor yachts: Yacht charter without a patent – Masuria Scirocco i Solano, Motor yachts: Yacht charter without a patent – Masuria
Our fleet of six yachts leads to unknown adventures. We offer charter motor yachts Samum, Sarma, Surazo, Sajkan, Sirocco and Solano – our boats will lead you on a wonderful trip along with your loved ones. On each yacht, in 3 cabins, each with its own bathroom, a total of 6 people + 2 people can spend an unforgettable holiday. Samum, Sarma, Surazo, Sajkan, Sirocco and Solano are Futura 40 class units. They perfectly meet the conditions we have set for them. They are comfortable from the point of view of a perfect holiday on the water. We consciously wanted to create a wonderful space that will allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Masurian lakes. They completely surrender to the one who sits at the controls. Thanks to special facilities (e.g. bow thrusters on the bow and stern) and high-class equipment on board, a yacht charter without a patent from Jachttravel is a pleasure. Sailing them does not require the possession of any licences, courses or motorboat skills. The thrust system allows for easy and precise maneuvering of the yacht not only in the port, but also when mooring in any other place. There is no question here about the effect of inertia, or about a delayed reaction to helm movement. You will always have full control over them when sailing our yachts. While sailing, use the classic rudder with fin, while for precise maneuvers, turn on the thrusters located on the bow and stern. We designed them so that their form is a complete and comfortable whole. We have prepared for you three quiet, double bedrooms with three bathrooms, a living room in which a maximum of 8 people can sit at a shared table, a fitted kitchen, wardrobes, a bathroom with shower and toilet. In addition, at the stern there is a convenient descent to the water, in a few seconds, without effort, you can immerse in water and come back and rinse with warm water from the shower. Our yachts have the Flybridge option (possibility of controlling an additional rudder on the roof together with the remote control for thrusters and couches for the entire crew), lounge furniture at the stern and a comfortable double mattress on the bow, as well as a roofing of the gangway (bimini).

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Yacht charter – how to do it and what you should know?

Blue sky, calm lake waters – perfect relaxation in a unique setting. Swimming on Masurian lakes is not only relaxation, but also the opportunity to experience wonderful moments with your loved ones. If you value this noble activity, just like us – we invite you to use our yacht charter.

Yacht charter in Masuria

Inland sailing is gaining crowds of fans, and yacht sailing is an increasingly popular way to spend time actively during free weekends or holidays. With us you can easily charter a yacht to spend time with family or friends. We have a fleet of excellent boats that will appeal to even the most demanding customers.

Do you need a sailing licence?

Are you wondering if you can use a yacht charter if you don’t have a patent? Not every motorboat must be controlled by a person with a licence. Boats with a hull length of up to 13 m and an engine power of up to 75 kW do not require additional licences. With us you can sail recreationally, enjoy the calm waters of the Masurian lakes and a yacht charter without a patent.

Yacht charter in Masuria – a unique experience

High comfort during the cruise ensured by the elegant interior, a bit of adventure and adrenaline, thanks to the perfect adaptation of the yacht for sailing in Masurian waters – all of them guarantee perfect relaxing moments. We help fulfill dreams of tasting freedom – by offering a motor yacht charter in Masuria. The wind in your hair, a wide smile and surprising maneuverability despite the size of the boat – you’ll feel it when you get on board. With us you can fulfill your desires. We offer yachts that will surprise you – a space where everyone feels great.
Total length12 m
Width3.45 m
Mast height above waterline2.9 m
Immersion0.65 m
Crew6 + 2
Water tank400 l
Septic tank200 l
Fuel tank200 l
Design categoryB

The floor plans of our Samum


Equipment of our yachts FUTURA 40

  • 3 comfortable double cabins under the deck and an additional spacious living room, each cabin with its own bathroom, an optimal yacht for a group of 6 people + 2
  • 80 HP engine, Yanmar common-rail JH-CR series, maximum speed 11-12 km / h depending on weather conditions
  • The 5 KW bow thruster on the bow and the same on the stern (reinforced thrusters that increase the precision and ease of boat control)
  • 200-liter fuel tank, which is enough for 2 weeks of sailing
  • Powerful Vebasto heating 4.9 kW inside
  • 2 sofas in the mess
  • Additional drawer fridge in the mess
  • Roof over the mess in the Flybridge option with additional couches and wheelhouse, remote control for operating thrusters on Flybridge
  • Stairs with a handrail – access to the roof
  • Comfortable mattress at the bow – optimal for 2 people
  • Trap on the stern with lounge furniture (sofa, 2 armchairs and table)
  • Bimini – gangway roofing
  • Descent ladder to the water
  • Raymarine Element GPS plotter with 7 “touch screen built-in GPS, precise map of Masuria and the Coast (gives depth, speed, has a bottom fishfinder, fishfinder for fishing, measures water temperature etc. You can set a second command post: just install on your iPhone or iPad Raymarine application and track data e.g. from a mattress in the bow)
  • 2 x FUSION RA205 radio set / 4 EL602 speakers / BT2 Bluetooth module with sound system inside and outside the boat
  • Modern gas kitchen Solgaz with two burners with a glass hob
  • 85L fridge
  • 21-inch TV with DVD and terrestrial television in the mess, additional 21-inch TV in the bow cabin
  • In each cabin a wardrobe, storage spaces under bunks, storage compartments under the stairs
  • Wifi
  • Selection of motorized water routes, with ports, energy, water, etc. points (integrated with GPS navigation).

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