Scirocco & Solano

Jachty Scirocco & Solano

Our three yachts, like two winds, are heading for adventures unknown. Sirocco, Solano and Samum, will take you and your close people on a wonderful trip. On each yachts, in four cabins, up to eight people can have unforgettable vacation. Sirocco and Solano are two Futura 36 class yachts. Samum is Futura 40 class yacht. They perfectly meet the conditions that we set before them.

Their comfort ensures perfect vacation on the water. Consciously, we wanted to create a wonderful space that will allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Masurian lakes. They completely surrender to the person who sits at the controls.

Controlling them does not require the completion of any courses, or obtainment of licences, or motorboat skills. The thruster system allows for easy and precise maneuvering of the yacht not only at the port but also when docking in any other place.

There is no effect of inertia or delayed reaction to the motions of the thruster. When sailing on our yachts, you will always have full control over them. While sailing, a classic rudder with a blade should be used; with precision maneuvers, thrusters located at the bow and at the stern should be turned on.

We designed them to be a complete and comfortable whole. We have prepared for you four quiet, double bedrooms, a living room where up to eight people can sit at the table, fitted kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom with a shower and toilet. In addition, the stern lowers its deck comfortably into the water, and so, in a matter of seconds, completely effortless, you can immerse in the water and on your way back, you can rinse yourself with warm water in the shower.



Total length12 m
Width3.45 m
Mast height above waterline2.9 m
Immersion0.65 m
Water tank400 l
Septic tank200 l
Fuel tank200 l
Design categoryB

The floor plans of our Samum


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Total length11 m
Width3.45 m
Mast height above waterline2.9 m
Immersion0.65 m
Water tank400 l
Septic tank200 l
Fuel tank200 l
Design categoryB

The floor plans of our
Sirocco and Solano yachts

Scirocco & Solano Scirocco & Solano Scirocco & Solano

When choosing Sirocco or Solano, please pay special attention to the fact that our yachts have:

  • four double comfortable cabins under deck and, additionally, a spacious living room – the only two such yachts in the Masurian Lakeland, which can accommodate up to eight people
  • engine twice as powerful as in other Futura 36 boats with maximum safety (Vetus 80 HP VH4.8028)
  • additional built-in fridge in the wardroom and an extra seat behind the helmsman
  • thruster at 5 kW at the bow and the same on the stern (reinforced thrusters that increase the precision and ease of steering the boat)
  • A 200-litre fuel tank that is sufficient for 2 weeks of sailing
  • efficient Vebasto heating of 4.8 kW inside
  • Raymarine plotter with touch screen, built-in GPS E70320, Gold Small map, precise map of the Masurian Lakeland and the Coast (displays depth, speed, is equipped with bottom sonar, fishermen’s echo sounder, measures water temperature, etc.). A second command post can be created: just install the Raymarine application on iPhone or iPad and track data from e.g deckchairs on the upper deck)
  • Fusion RA205 KTS Radio with the sound system inside and outside the boat
  • 21 inch TV with DVD and terrestrial TV!
  • wifi
  • Rich collection of music and films
  • Selection of water motor routes, with marked ports, power and water supply points etc. (integrated with GPS navigation).


Additional information about our yachts

  • Body

    • gray
    • four openable windows in the port and starboard
  • Deck

    • White laminate
    • Stainless steel rail
    • Openable anchor locker
    • Openable engine compartment
    • anti-slip surfaces on deck
    • roof over the wardroom
    • four openable hatches on deck
    • bow pulpit
    • four cleats
    • four half leads
    • storage for two 3 kg gas canisters
    • bi-colour navigation lamp
    • four couches for up to 8 people at the stern
    • portable table
    • 5 sun loungers
  • Roof

    • Navigation light 360
    • dismountable rails
    • railings
    • sound signal
  • Helmsman position

    • hydraulic steering control system with steering wheel
    • helmsman position with swivel chair (gray colour)
    • USB sound radio button
    • thruster steering system
    • Raymarine plotter with touch screen, built-in GPS
    • windshield wiper and vent switch
  • Dashboard

    • Aft seat with adjustable backrest and mattresses made of imitation leather (gray colour)
    • Roof lentrance ladder
    • Ladder to the water
    • Bump block on the gangaway
  • Wardroom on board

    • couch with C-shaped mattress (gray colour)
    • table
    • TV set with DVD
    • Imitation teak floor
    • Entrance door sliding
    • LED lighting
    • Main electric board with automatic protection
    • fluid status indicators (fuel, water, septic tank)
    • battery charge indicator
    • USB socket
    • 230 V socket (when connected to external power at the port)
    • four openable windows
  • Kitchen

    • two burner table top stove
    • sink
    • faucet with hot and cold water
    • refrigerator 75 L
    • cabinet hanging from the ceiling
    • Cabinets under the kitchen counter
    • kitchen worktable
    • full kitchen equipment including: utensils, pots, cutlery, etc.
  • Cabins

    • double berth
    • two closets
    • lockable lockers
    • openable hatch in the ceiling
    • two openable windows at the port and starboard
    • LED lighting
    • 12 V socket
    • imitation teak floor
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet

    • sink
    • shower
    • ceiling opening
    • towel racks
    • hangers for clothes
    • LED lighting
    • mirror
    • automatic toilet
  • Plumbing system

    • Drainage system: automatic pump and manual pump
    • water pressure installation
    • hot water: boiler 45 l
    • gas installation
  • Electrical installation

    • LED lighting
    • 100AH ​​household battery
    • main power switches
    • electrical switchboard
    • 15 AH loader for connection to land