Rental of motor yachts in Masuria

Mazury, Rental of motor yachts in Masuria
Samum, Sarma, Surazo, Sajkan, Sirocco and Solano were created for your convenience. Inside, they guarantee a high standard, provide easy access to the nature that surrounds us, and, what is very important, do not require special skills from you. You don’t need any licence to sail them. The law states that: “(…) It is not required to have a qualification document to practice water tourism on motor yachts with an engine power of up to 75 kW (approx. 110 HP) and a hull length of up to 13 m, whose maximum speed is structurally limited to 15 km / h , which enables our clients to rent a yacht without a patent. ” Samum, Sarma, Sajkan, Surazo, Sirocco and Solano are extremely friendly. Just like Masuria itself. You do not have to read the sailing regulations or rigid sailing etiquette rules carefully. All you need to know is a few rules that we’ve listed below. Above all, however, our yachts have been equipped with a selection of routes, which you can choose depending on your mood and desire, there are ports, energy and water consumption points marked, and everything that is necessary in such circumstances. In addition, yachts will show the depth and shape of the bottom all the time, warning you of anything that may interfere while sailing. We recommend renting motor yachts!

Masuria – unforgettable adventures on a yacht

Virgin forests, beautiful nature and lakes with crystal water, this is how Masuria can be described in a nutshell. Everyone who comes here falls in love with extraordinary peace, clean air and enormous human hospitality. And what the Masurian lakes tempt the most is the possibility of sailing.

What to do in Masuria?

We offer yacht rental in Masuria to experience carefree moments sailing on the calm waters of vast lakes. In our offer you will find motor yachts for rent: 6 Futura 40 Grand Horizon class yachts. Our latest acquisitions, produced in 2020, will be launched for the first time at the beginning of the upcoming season! All yachts will provide extraordinary comfort for water travel. We help, advise and answer every question, what counts for us is comfort and pleasure of using our boats.

Yacht charter in Masuria – for whom?

Everyone who wants to sail across the Great Masurian Lakes will find the suitable boats with us. We offer yacht rental tailored to the needs of various groups of clients – for families with children, couples who want to experience romantic moments on an exclusive yacht, groups of friends, all who dream of a carefree weekend or holiday. We help meet the innermost desires.

Why sailing?

At least once in your life, take your feet off the ground and find yourself on an exclusive boat. Moments spent on board trigger positive emotions and leave unforgettable memories – comfort, carefree, joy. Let yourself be carried away by the adventure on a yacht, here every moment is unique.


  • 1. How to sail safely?

    Toasts on the yacht are seated! First: for guests of honor, then, as tradition dictates, for those who are at sea. Sailors traditionally don’t knock on glasses, because with every clink of glass … one sailing soul escapes. The regulations on the water are as follows:
    • Point 1. It must be safe.
    • Point 2. It must be nice.
    • Point 3. It must be comfortable.
    • Point 4. End of the Regulations.
  • 2. How easy is it to handle in port?

    Entering the port, the fenders must be hung up between the other units, so as not to damage our or other boat’s deck. Approaching the marina (port) you should call with information that you want to moor (a set of telephone numbers is available on the boat). The boatman will then steer the boat to the right place. If you cannot reach the marina by phone, enter the port and moor in an open place. Certainly, a boatman will appear and connect the boat to electricity, water, indicate sanitary facilities and a place of garbage storage and will charge a port fee. Important: when placing the mooring line on the poles (mooring bollard), place it under the mooring line / mooring lines of other yachts – so that you can easily remove each of them. A large yacht, and ours are not small, is best moored to the quay with the stern. Thanks to this, it will be easier to get on and off the yacht and the deck will remain clean. Remember to pull the fenders back out of the port and do not hang the laundry on the rail when you are sailing. Such a custom – things are dried in the port!
  • 3. Well, we moor in the port…

    Before entering the port, prepare moorings, then hang the fenders overboard. We enter the port at low speed while maintaining full control thanks to the thrusters (we turn them on before maneuvers and turn them off after). We brake with the engine, never by foot, boathook or arms. We have no chance to stop a few-ton yacht with our own body!
  • 4. And if we want to moor outside the port…

    At anchor you can stand anywhere in the lake, bay. We stand so as not to disturb others. You cannot stand on the navigable route, which is marked with red and green buoys. There are buttons to operate the anchor, it extends and retracts electrically in the bow. However, it is better to go ashore in ports, after mooring to a pier or quay.
  • 5. Who has priority on water?

    Sailboats have priority over motorboats. In the region of the Great Masurian Lakes, priority is given to sailing ships of the Masurian Shipping over sailing yachts. Priority rules for boats operating on the engine are analogous to those on roads:
    • you should move on the right side of the road (hence the order to turn right when sailing straight on yourself)
    • the one coming in from the right has priority. But we advise, just like on the street, to apply the principle of limited trust!
  • 6. What is not allowed in Masuria?

    On the Masurian lakes it is not allowed to:
    • approach passenger and cargo ships, rafts or towing trains and attach to them to be towed;
    • sail across a river, canal or navigable route on lakes as a passenger or cargo ship approaches;
    • sail under sails on the canals and moor and stay near water structures, bridges, inlets and outlets of the canals less than 50 meters away;
    • anchor on the navigable route.
  • 7. How to understand the signs regarding the passage under bridges?

    A single yellow diamond is a recommendation to go in both directions, and two such diamonds vertically or horizontally is a recommendation to go in one direction (the transition from the opposite direction is prohibited).
  • 8. What do buoys mean?

    It is safest to sail along a very well marked fairway intended for passenger ships. The trail is marked with three types of buoys:
    • green buoys in the shape of a cone – we pass them on the left side sailing north (towards Węgorzewo) and on the right side when sailing south;
    • red buoys in the shape of a cylinder – we pass the starboard side sailing north (towards Węgorzewo) and the port side when sailing south;
    • round buoys in green and red stripes – means a fork / branching of the waterway.
    The other important buoys are the so-called cardinal signs – warn of danger. They indicate which way to bypass them. What they look like and what their lighting characteristics are and how to avoid them is shown in the extract below: Mazury, Rental of motor yachts in Masuria Mazury, Rental of motor yachts in Masuria Mazury, Rental of motor yachts in Masuria Mazury, Rental of motor yachts in Masuria

SEE WHERE YOU CAN SAIL – sample routes

  • RYN – MIKOŁAJKI – 20,00 km

    The route leads south and on the 12.50 km section it coincides with the Giżycko – Mikołajki route. Despite the different names (J. Mikołajskie, j. Tałty, J. Ryńskie) the route runs along one lake filling the long lake gutter between Ryn – Mikołajki.
    • 0.00 km Start ECO Marina in Ryn.
    • 0.50 km Sawmill in Ryn.
    • 2.50 km On the left. Rybical Village, behind the village on the right a small island – Ptasia Wyspa Reserve – a nature reserve created in 2012 to preserve breeding sites of wetland birds, a narrow bay to the south.
    • 6.50 km On the left, on the peninsula of the village of Mrówki, on the right, a connection to the 0.80 km from the shore of J. Ryński, j. Notyst.
    • 8.00 km beginning of Tałta and end of J. Ryński.
    • 10.50 km On the right the village of Jora Mała and Jora Wielka, on the left the village of Skorupki.
    • 12.50 km Trail fork – left to Giżycko, straight to Mikołajki. Nearby on the left is the largest depth of Lake Tałta (51 m). On the right side opposite the channel to Giżycko, there is a modern Marina Navigator.
    • 15 km We pass on the right the Hobby harbor, Port Stare Sady with restaurant Pod Jabłoniami and SUN Port.
    • 19 km On the right, Hotel Gołębiewski with the water attractions of Tropikana, then we reach the first car bridge in Mikołajki, the next bridge is the railway bridge and the third last bridge in Mikołajki stands on the connection of the lakes Tałty and Mikołajskie.
    • 20 km Sailing village in Mikołajki.

    The route leads south through J. Mikołajskie and Bełdany, and the small Guzianka Mała and Guzianka Wielka. On both sides of the trail, almost along the entire length of the Piska Forest. Between South extremities of Bełdany and Guzianka. Small Guzianka chamber sluice overcoming a difference of over 2 meters in the level of water of these lakes. Above the Bełdany lake there are numerous company leisure centers and a large Water Tourism Center PTTK in Kamien.
    • 0.00 km Trail start – Sailing Village in Mikołajki on J. Mikołajski.
    • 3.00 km Bifurcation of Mikołajki – Ruciane-Nida (straight) and Mikołajki – Pisz (v. Left). 2.25 km to the left (along the route to Pisz), the largest Polish lake, Śniardwy.
    • 5.00 km The end of Mikołajski, the beginning of Bełdany. On both sides of the cable ferry harbor in Wierzba. On both banks of the Bełdany lake, the Piska Forest.
    • 8.50 km On the right, the bay of Bełdany Iznota, to which the largest inflow of the Great Masurian Lakes flows. Krutynia.
    • 10.50 km West shore of the Bełdany lake, surrounded by forests of the Piska Forest, Water Tourism Center PTTK.
    • 14.50 km On the right a bay of Bełdany, Wygryny j. Over which village of Pochryny.
    • 16.70 km The southern end of the Bełdany lake, Guzianka chamber lock.
    • 17.14 km Beginning of Guzianka Mała.
    • 18.75 km On the right you can see the sawmill in Ruciane-Nida. In front of the sawmill, a large sorting plant for wood floated here by the lake.
    • 19.20 km Ruciane-Nida. The beginning of the extension of the main trail to J. Nidzkie.
  • MIKOŁAJKI – PISZ 25,00 km

    The route leads in the south-east direction. through the largest Polish lake in Śniardwy and the longest channel section in the shipping system of the Great Masurian Lakes – Jegliński Channel (5.25 km). On the Canal near the village of Karwik Karwik chamber lock. Canoeists can continue their rafting to Narew and the Vistula flowing from the Roś river. Pisa.
    • 0.00 km Trail start – Sailing Village in Mikołajki on J. Mikołajski.
    • 1.00 km On the left, on the high bank of J. Mikołajski, the Polish Academy of Sciences institution in Mikołajki is visible.
    • 3.00 km Crossing trails – straight to Ruciane-Nida, left to Pisz. On the left, on the peninsula separating J. Mikołajskie from the north-west, Śniardw bay, village Dybowo
    • 5.25 km End of J. Mikołajski, beginning of Śniardwy. With slightly foggy weather, the eastern shores the lakes are no longer visible.
    • 6.25 km On the right, on the cutting peninsula, between Śniardwy and Bełdany. Scientific Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno (breeding tarpan, Masurian deer and beavers).
    • 11.00 km Near the trail (on the left) Pajęcza Island and Czarci Ostrów Island. Further east the largest island of Śniardw Szeroki Ostrów.
    • 16.00 km On the right Kaczor Island separating the Śniardwy lake from its southern part bay called j. Seksty.
    • 18.45 km Beginning of the Jeglin Canal connecting Sexty and Roś.
    • 19.00 km Karwik chamber lock. On the right, about 0.80 km village Karwik. 2 km further on the channel of the village of Jegliny.
    • 3.70 km The end of the Jegliński Canal, the beginning of Roś.
    • 25.00 km Outflow on the river Pisy with j. Roś, port in Pisz.
  • GIZYCKO – MIKOŁAJKI 37,20 km

    The route leads south through the central part of the Great Masurian Lake District. On the route, the third largest lake of the land and one of the largest in Poland – Niegocin Lake and several smaller lakes connected by channels. Panorama of Giżycko and (on the right) known tourist and recreation center Wilkasy can be seen from Niegocin. On the farther lakes of the trail large amounts of waterfowl, including swans. From the lake, a branch of the side route to Kisajno Lake through the Niegociński Channel.
    • 0.00 km Beginning of the trail over the Niegocin Lake in Giżycko.
    • 8.80 km Connection of Niegocin with J. Boczny (strait). To the east the bank of the village of Rydzewo – “Gospoda Pod Czarnym Łabędziem”, in the west village Bogaczewo.
    • 11.26 km Kula Canal connecting J. Bocze and J. Jagodne. The isthmus separating the lakes is considered a watershed between the Vistula and Pregoła basins.
    • 19.10 km Beginning of the Szymoński Canal connecting southern part of J. Jagodne called J. Szymonecki from J. Szymon. A road bridge over the canal on the Giżycko – Mikołajki (S4) and Mikołajki – Ryn road route through Stara Rudówka. Szymonka village on the left.
    • 21.46 km Departure of the Szymon Canal to Szymon Lake. The lake, surrounded by dense rushes, is an excellent habitat for waterfowl.
    • 22.86 km Beginning of the Mioduński Canal connecting Szymon and small Kotek Wielki.
    • 24.78 km End of the Mioduński Canal, beginning of the Great Kitten.
    • 25.66 km Beginning of the Lelecki Canal connecting the Great Kotek and Tałtowisko. Over the canal, road bridge on the route Mikołajki – Ryn.
    • 26.13 km Departure of the Lelecki Canal to the Tałtowisko lake.
    • 27.63 km Beginning of the Tałcki Canal (Tałteński) connecting Tałtowisko and Tałta.
    • 29.23 km Departure of the Tałcki Canal to Tałta Lake.
    • 29.70 km Bifurcation of water routes on the Tałta lake – to the right to Ryn (section Mikołajki – Ryn), to the left to Mikolajki. Near the fork (on the right) the largest lake depth reaching 51m.
    • 33.00 km On the left, on the shore of Lake Tałty, the village of Tałty.
    • 35.00 km On the right the highest hill of the area (viewpoint) Olszowy Róg (155 m above sea level).
    • 36.95 km End of Tałta, beginning of J. Mikołajski.
    • 37.20 km Sailing Village in Mikołajki on J. Mikołajski.


See what awaits you in Masuria

  • Marinas

    • MARINA LESTER CLUB RYDZEWO – Lake Side excellent Italian cuisine, motorboat rental: boats, kayaks, bicycles
    • RYBACZÓWKA – Bogaczewo / Lake Bocze great restaurant, equipment rental including windsurfing boards, water skis, fishing equipment, trips for fishing, sale of fishing permits, water skis
    • MR WILLOW CENTER – Bełdany Lake “
    • AT THE HOTEL – Lake Święcajty
    • STANICA ŻEGLARSKA KOREKTYWA – Piaski / Ruciane Nida – Bełdany Lake
  • Ekomarinas

    • WĘGORZEWO north-east bank of the Węgorzewski Canal at Portowa street on the Węgorapa River tel. +48 513 324 059
    • PTTK WILKASY Lake Niegocin Port PTTK Wilkasy, Niegocińska street 1 11-500 Wilkasy near Giżycko Grzegorz Sieroński tel. +48 695 770 070
    • MIKOŁAJKI Tel. +48 87 42 16 259 We invite you
    • PTTK KAMIEŃ Located on the bay of the Bełdany Lake in the Piska Forest, near the Krutynia River, the PTTK Water Tourism Center Kamień Kamień 1 12-220 Ruciane Nida 1 tel. +48 87 423-60-22
    • TKK KOREKTYW Stanica Żeglarska “TKK Korektyw” Piaski 2 12-220 Ruciane-Nida Wojciech Grabarczyk Tel. +48 87 423 11 22, +48 502 503 245
    • PISZ Roś lake, al. Turystów 1 tel. +48 728 880 458
    • GIŻYCKO Dąbrowskiego Street 14 tel. +48 506 077 806
    • RYN Ryńskie Lake Tel. +48 87 420 70 49
  • Restaurants

  • Sports attractions

    • BICYCLE RENTAL (1) Bikes Mazury ul. Smętka 23, 11-500 Giżycko +48 796 731 606, +48 695 391 606 (2) Biuro Usług Turystycznych WAMA – TOUR ul. Konarskiego 1/1, 11-500 Giżycko +48 87 429 30 79, +48 604 969 503, +48 602 527 307 (3) Electric bicycles
    • SCOOTER RENTAL ul. Mickiewicza 26, 11-600 Giżycko open on phone 606 271 057</p.
    • ULTRALIGHT TRIKE FLIGHTS Antonowo near Giżycko tel. 604 980 011
    • FLIGHTS BY PLANE Giżycko – Czesław Wiszniowiecki by phone 504 758 704
    • POOLS (1) Hotel Ognisty Ptak – Święcajty Lake
    • (2) Hotel Gołębiewski – Lake Mikołajskie Hotel Gołębiewski
    • (3) Wilkasy – Niegocin Lake
    • HORSE RIDING (1) Robertówka Ranch – Święcajty Lake
    • (2) Bogaczewo – Lake Bocze Bogaczewo Bogaczewo
    • DIVING Trygot – Mamry Lake Trygot – Mamry Lake
    • AIR SHOWS Giżycko/Kętrzyn – 6.08.2017
    • REGATICS GIŻYCKO Lake Niegocin – Giżyckie Sailing Regatta “Government – Local Government” – July – Boatshow Cup – July – National Regatta “Mazur Cup” – July – International Polish Championship of Cabin Yachts – August MIKOŁAJKI – Lake Mikołajskie – Regatta for the Cup of the President of PZŻ – August – Sailing Grand Prix in Mikołajki – May / September WĘGORZEWO – lake Mamry Memorial of the Ejsmont Brothers – September Mamert Cup – September
  • Tourist attractions

  • Music concerts

    • COUNTRY Mrągowo – July Country Picnic
    • HIP-HOP Giżycko – August Mazury Hip Hop Fesiwal
    • ROCK Węgorzewo – July Seven Festival Music & More
    • SZANTY Mikołajki – July Mikołajki Szanty Festiwal
    • Giżycko – lipiec Festiwal Piosenki Żeglarskiej Morskiej

ALARM TELEPHONE OVER WATER 601 100 100 WOPR – Water Volunteer Ambulance Service