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Bartłomiej Olczak, About us

Bartłomiej Olczak Jachttravel.pl

The powerful element of water brought together two people 15 years ago. Over time, these two people formed a team of four. Years ago, one of us was a member of the National Sailing Team and sailed on small and large yachts such as the WARTA-Polpharma catamaran, whose captain was Roman Paszke, or MK Cafe Sailing Team under the sails of Karol Jabłoński. Everyone who fell in love with sailing knows that this is love for life. We know it, that’s why we created Jachttravel.pl – a new standard for Masurian summer recreation. We didn’t want the holiday time on the water to require long preparations and provide such a standard that will make summer in the bosom of nature a wonderful adventure and pleasure. And so a yacht was made. And even six yachts. Capacious, comfortable, not overwhelming in size. Each of them is equipped with an easy-to-use motor, which is useful for fighting against wind or for wind. The yacht’s equipment guarantees relaxation and comfort while admiring nature, whose view from the water is breathtaking and is definitely different from the one seen on the shore. Our team has created a space so that everyone can feel perfectly in it.