About us

Bartłomiej Olczak Jachttravel.pl

15 years ago, two people were united by their passion for the powerful element: water. Over time, these two people have created a quadruple team. Some years ago, one of us was a member of the National Sailing Team and sailed on small and large yachts, such as: the WARTA-Polpharma catamaran, whose captain was Roman Paszke, or the MK Cafe Sailing Team under sail of Karol Jabłoński. Anyone who fell in love with sailing knows that it is love for the rest of their life. We know that, and so we created Jachttravel.pl – a new standard of the Masurian summer vacation. We wanted the vacation time to be spent on the water without long preparation and ensure the standard that would make the summer in nature, a wonderful adventure and pleasure. And so, a yacht was built. And not just one – two yachts! Pleasant, comfortable, not overwhelming with their size. Each of them is equipped with an easy-to-use motor that is useful for fighting against the wind or to get the wind. The equipment of the yacht guarantees relaxation and comfort of admiring the nature, whose view from the water is breathtaking and is definitely different from what we see when standing on the shore. Our team has created a space for everyone to feel great in.